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13 Jan 18 20:38
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Used to love watching her and Russ Abbott do Cooperman and Blunderwoman. She had a bloody long career, over 60 years.

I was a kid when she was best known. Her and Russ was all charming innocent fun with no bad language or insults needed.
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Report lybertyne January 13, 2018 8:59 PM GMT
Shocked to discover Russ Abbott is still alive.  I thought he died a long time ago.
Report casemoney January 13, 2018 9:03 PM GMT
Think she used to be in Benny Hill  as well  RIP
Report mad mad moon January 13, 2018 9:04 PM GMT
RIP Bella
It is little known that she played Lady Macberh opposite Larry Olivier in rep in the 1960s Shocked
Report treble January 13, 2018 9:05 PM GMT
Russ Abbott is only 70. Thought he was much older than that myself.
Report akabula January 13, 2018 9:10 PM GMT
RIP Bella.
Report cooperman January 14, 2018 9:32 AM GMT
Sad news RIP Bella.
Report trilby22 January 14, 2018 9:43 AM GMT
Report kincsem January 15, 2018 6:27 AM GMT
Report dambuster January 15, 2018 1:23 PM GMT
RIP Bella, a lovely lady, i think she was married to Englebert Humperdink when she was much younger
Report alun2005 January 15, 2018 2:28 PM GMT
I thought that was former Chit Chat Obsession, Queenie Watts ?
Report alun2005 January 15, 2018 2:32 PM GMT
Whatever the case, well done to Bella for her fantastic achievements at West Bromwich Albion with her fellow 'Three Degrees' superstars Cunningham and Batson.

Well done to Big Ronald for giving the three of them their chance in the same team. He was a progressive way ahead of his time, and would surely be England manager today with that flawless pedigree.
Report dambuster January 15, 2018 3:32 PM GMT
Report STUDYFORM January 15, 2018 3:33 PM GMT
It was Rita Webb who was in Benny Hill, I think.
In the same mould - there aren't enough like them any more.
Report alun2005 January 15, 2018 3:34 PM GMT
Indeed, but many say he was still very much a second division struggler compared to Wilfred Hyde White.
Report dambuster January 15, 2018 3:46 PM GMT
It was Rita Webb in Benny Hill, i remember a sketch once,
Where Benny Hill walked into a pub called The George & Dragon,
Rita Webb said, ''What d'you want'', to which he replied, ''Is George In''. lol Laugh  men couldnt get away with it now, but women could.
Report Slicer January 15, 2018 4:14 PM GMT
Bella was a Lebanese and is survived by her long term partner Rosemary.
Report Barry Conway January 15, 2018 4:23 PM GMT
She was ahead of her time.
Report alun2005 January 15, 2018 4:34 PM GMT
Ahhh Rita Webb, now there's a name to conjure with. Sadly missed. Allah bless her soul.

Remember when she and Jack Parnell were our generation's Burton and Taylor, or even Roy Cropper and Hayley?   We all hoped that she could be the one to stop him treating every A Road as his own personal Formula One track, but alas not.
Report dambuster January 15, 2018 4:41 PM GMT
Report mad mad moon January 15, 2018 9:09 PM GMT
Also a regular on Up Pompeii.
Saw the film again over Christmas Blush
Didn't know that Adrienne Posta (who played Scrubba) was married to Graham Bonnet from Rainbow Shocked
Report STUDYFORM January 15, 2018 9:55 PM GMT
It's become a Rita Webb thread!
I remember in Benny Hill, when he grimaced at seeing her and she said "What's the matter? We're all sisters under the skin"
and he replied "well take your skin off then and show us your sister".
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