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15 Mar 18 10:57
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which sires have a marked tendency to produce either fast or soft ground progeny??
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Report cardifffc March 15, 2018 10:00 AM GMT
are there any free websites who produce this data??
Report cardifffc March 15, 2018 10:00 AM GMT
Report kincsem March 15, 2018 12:47 PM GMT
The easiest way is to look up each sire on the Racing Post website.
You should quickly be able to make a file of all the leading sires.

For example, type in Danehill, then look up his Progeny Statistics.
He has 24% winners on good/firm.
You need to be careful.  Another horse might have his best stats on good/firm but at only 8% winners.
If you had a sire with 24% on gd/.fm against a sire with 8% gd/gm then it is an easy decision, even though good/firm is the best ground for each.
In simple terms, a top sire's runners will probably be better that a poor sire's runners on every ground, even his worst ground against the poor sire's best ground.

You also have to be careful with new sires.  Not enough data.

You could use this link but I think it is out of date.
A problem with this is it shows percentages, not numbers.  Never trust percentages.
You have no idea is a sire stats are based on 20 runners or 2,000 runners.

Another thing to consider is the number of runners on each ground type.
If a sire has 10% winners on eacjh of heavy, soft, good/soft, good, good/firm,  firm you might think he has no going preference.
But is he only has 5 runners on  heavy, soft, good/soft, good and has 1,000 runners on good/firm,  firm then you should draw a conclusion.
Report kincsem March 15, 2018 12:55 PM GMT
My list
(well out of date, and probably wrong)

Sire    suited
Absalom    SF
Affirmed    HV
African Sky    SF
Ahonoora    GD
Al Nasr    GD
Alhijaz    SF
Alleged    GD
Alydar    FM
Alzao    SF
Anfield    SF
Anita's Prince    HV
Another Realm    HV
Anshan    SF
Aragon    SF
Archway    GF
Arctic Tern    GF
Ardkinglass    GF
Ardross    HV
Artaius    HV
Astronef    HV
Auction Ring    SF
Averof    HV
Bairn    GF
Balidar    SF
Ballacashtal    HV
Ballad Rock    GF
Ballymore    FM
Batshoof    SF
Bay Express    GF
Be Friendly    HV
Be My Chief    FM
Be My Guest    GD
Beldale Flutter    HV
Belfort    SF
Bellypha    SF
Belmez    GF
Bering    GD
Beveled    HV
Blakeney    GD
Blue Cashmere    GD
Bluebird    HV
Blushing Groom    SF
Bold Arrangement    GD
Bold Bidder    GD
Bold Lad    HV
Bold Owl    HV
Brief Truce    GF
Brigadier Gerard    GD
Broken Hearted    GF
Busted    GD
Bustino    HV
Cadeaux Genereux    GD
Caerleon    GF
Camden Town    HV
Caro    GD
Carwhite    GD
Casteddu    FM
Cavo Doro    SF
Charmer    FM
Chief Singer    GD
Chief's Crown    FM
Chilibang    SF
Clantime    GD
College Chapel    HV
Comedy Star    HV
Commanche Run    GD
Common Grounds    HV
Connaught    GD
Contract Law    GF
Corvaro    FM
Crofter    HV
Crofthall    GD
Crowned Prince    FM
Cure The Blues    GD
Cyrano de Bergerac    GD
Damascus    FM
Damister    FM
Dance In Time    SF
Dancer's Image    SF
Dancing Brave    HV
Dancing Dissident    FM
Danehill    GD
Danzig    FM
Daring March    SF
Darshaan    SF
Dayjur    GD
Decoy Boy    GD
Deploy    SF
Derring-Do    GD
Derrylin    SF
Diesis    SF
Digamist    HV
Dilum    HV
Distant Relative    GF
Distinctly North    GF
Dixieland Band    GD
Dolphin Street    HV
Dom Racine    HV
Dominion    HV
Domynsky    HV
Don't Forget Me    HV
Double Form    GD
Double Schwartz    FM
Doulab    SF
Dowsing    GD
Dragonara Palace    HV
Dunbeath    HV
Efisio    SF
El Gran Senor    GD
Ela-Mana-Mou    SF
Electric    SF
Elegant Air    FM
Elmaamul    HV
Emarati    SF
Emperor Jones    GD
Fairy King    HV
Faustus    GD
Fayruz    GD
Final Straw    GF
First Trump    HV
Foolish Pleasure    SF
Formidable    SF
Forzando    SF
Free State    FM
Frimley Park    GF
Gay Fandango    FM
General Assembly    GF
Generous    HV
Glenstal    HV
Glint Of Gold    HV
Godswalk    HV
Gone West    FM
Good Times    SF
Governor General    FM
Graustark    SF
Great Nephew    GD
Green Dancer    HV
Green Desert    GF
Green Ruby    HV
Grey Dawn II    GF
Grey Desire    HV
Groom Dancer    GF
Grundy    SF
Habat    SF
Habitat    GD
Hadeer    GF
Hallgate    SF
Hamas    SF
Handsome Sailor    HV
Hard Fought    FM
He Loves Me    GD
Henbit    GF
High Estate    GF
High Line    SF
High Top    GD
Hittite Glory    SF
Home Guard    GD
Homing    GF
Horage    HV
Hot Spark    SF
Hotfoot    SF
Icecapade    HV
Ile de Bourbon    GF
Imp Society    FM
Imperial Fling    SF
Imperial Frontier    HV
Import    SF
Inchinor    GD
Indian King    HV
Indian Ridge    SF
Interrex    GD
Irish River    HV
Jalmood    HV
Jareer    HV
Julio Mariner    SF
Junius    GF
Kabour    HV
Kala Shikari    GF
Kalaglow    GD
Kalamoun    SF
Kampala    FM
Keen    FM
Kind of Hush    SF
King Emperor    SF
King Of Spain    SF
Kings Lake    GF
King's Signet    FM
Known Fact    FM
Komaite    HV
Kris    GD
Lahib    GD
Last Tycoon    GD
Law Society    SF
Lear Fan    HV
Lion Cavern    FM
Lochnager    GD
Lomond    GF
Lord Gayle    HV
Lorenzaccio    SF
Lugana Beach    GF
Luthier    GF
Lycius    GF
Lyphard    GD
Machiavellian    SF
Mac's Imp    SF
Magic Ring    SF
Magical Wonder    SF
Main Reef    GF
Manado    GF
Mandrake Major    FM
Mansingh    GD
Marju    SF
Martinmas    HV
Master Willie    FM
Mazaad    GD
Mazilier    SF
Midyan    GF
Mill Reef    SF
Mon Tresor    FM
Monsanto    HV
Monseigneur    GD
Morston    SF
Most Secret    HV
Most Welcome    HV
Mount Hagen    GF
Mr Prospector    GD
Mtoto    GF
Mujadil    SF
Mujtahid    GF
Mukaddamah    SF
Mummy's Game    SF
Mummy's Pet    HV
Music Boy    GF
My Swallow    SF
Mystiko    FM
Namaqualand    HV
Nashamaa    GF
Nashwan    GF
Nebbiolo    SF
Never So Bold    SF
Nicholas Bill    HV
Night Shift    GD
Nijinsky    GD
Niniski    HV
Nishapour    SF
Nomination    GD
Nonoalco    GF
Nordance    GD
Nordico    GD
Northern Dancer    FM
Northern State    HV
Northfields    GD
Norwick    HV
Nureyev    GF
On Your Mark    SF
Owen Dudley    GF
Palm Track    SF
Paris House    HV
Pas de Seul    GD
Pennine Walk    GF
Persian Bold    GF
Persian Heights    GD
Perugino    SF
Petardia    GD
Petingo    SF
Petong    GD
Petorius    GD
Petoski    GF
Pharly    GD
Piccolo    GF
Pips Pride    SF
Pitskelly    FM
Polar Falcon    GD
Polish Patriot    HV
Polish Precedent    FM
Posse    FM
Precocious    FM
Presidium    HV
Primo Dominie    SF
Prince Sabo    GF
Prince Tenderfoot    GF
Priolo    GF
Puissance    GF
Pursuit Of Love    GF
Queen's Hussar    SF
Raga Navarro    SF
Rainbow Quest    GD
Rambo Dancer    HV
Rarity    HV
Realm    SF
Record Token    HV
Red Alert    FM
Red God    SF
Red Sunset    SF
Reform    FM
Relkino    SF
Relko    SF
Reprimand    GD
Rheingold    HV
Ribero    FM
Rich Charlie    HV
Risk Me    SF
Riverman    SF
Roan Rocket    FM
Robellino    GF
Roberto    GD
Rock City    GF
Roi Danzig    GF
Rousillon    SF
Royal Academy    FM
Royal Palace    GF
Rudimentary    HV
Run The Gantlet    HV
Runnett    GD
Runnymede    SF
Rusticaro    FM
Sabrehill    HV
Saddlers' Hall    HV
Sadler's Wells    SF
Safawan    SF
Sagaro    SF
Sallust    GF
Salse    GF
Salt Dome    HV
Sassafras    FM
Saulingo    HV
Sayf El Arab    GF
Scenic    HV
Scottish Reel    HV
Seattle Slew    SF
Secretariat    SF
Selkirk    SF
Shaadi    SF
Shack    SF
Shadeed    SF
Shalford    HV
Shareef Dancer    GD
Sharpen Up    GF
Sharpo    HV
Sharrood    GD
Shavian    GD
Shernazar    HV
Shirley Heights    GF
Siberian Express    FM
Silly Season    FM
Silver Hawk    GF
Simply Great    GD
Sir Gaylord    HV
Sir Ivor    SF
Sizzling Melody    FM
Skyliner    HV
Slip Anchor    GD
So Blessed    HV
Song    SF
Soviet Lad    HV
Soviet Star    FM
Sparkler    HV
Stanford    GD
Star Appeal    SF
Statoblest    GF
Steel Heart    FM
Storm Bird    GD
Sun Prince    FM
Super Concorde    SF
Superlative    GF
Superpower    GD
Sure Blade    GF
Sweet Revenge    SF
Swing Easy    SF
Tachypous    HV
Tap On Wood    SF
Targowice    HV
Tate Gallery    HV
Taufan    GF
Teenoso    SF
Thatch    SF
Thatching    SF
The Brianstan    FM
The Minstrel    GD
The Noble Player    FM
Then Again    GD
Tickled Pink    GF
Timeless Times    FM
Tina's Pet    GD
Tirol    FM
Top Ville    GF
Touch Paper    GD
Tower Walk    SF
Town And Country    GD
Town Crier    HV
Tragic Role    SF
Treasure Kay    GD
Trempolino    FM
Tribal Chief    FM
Troy    GF
Try My Best    GF
Tumble Wind    FM
Turtle Island    HV
Unfuwain    GD
Vaguely Noble    SF
Vaigly Great    HV
Valiyar    SF
Vision    GF
Waajib    HV
Warning    SF
Warpath    HV
Warrshan    GF
Weldnaas    SF
Welsh Pageant    SF
Welsh Saint    FM
Windjammer    GF
Wolfhound    FM
Wollow    GF
Wolver Hollow    HV
Woodman    GF
Young Generation    GD
Zilzal    HV
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