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yer ma
17 Sep 17 14:28
Date Joined: 23 Oct 02
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To PotM mostly...what the story? Are all yours in?  Some alarming chat being given and I'm not talking about fillies by sh.tty stallions that should never be entered.
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Report potentialmillionaire September 17, 2017 5:47 PM BST
Yer ma, as ever I am stuck in my fug of great ignorance out in the sticks and I know not what is goin' down.

I know they were quite tough last year and I know that they are oversubscribed again this, so I can believe the problem is slightly worse this time around.

I assume they aren't going to give me any grief because I haven't heard anything and I didn't last year when I know others got warning shots as soon as they nominated.

I appreciate I am lucky though as I have a recent record, small numbers this year and quite obvious sires to play with.

I hope you are recounting on behalf of others and are ok yourself?
Report yer ma September 17, 2017 6:51 PM BST
We'll I think we're being given a line tbh (vendors are all being cut a few to be fair to all etc).  More worrying is its a first season sire (a colt!) from a big stud and they're not prepared to wade in.  I've no issue letting the market decide but don't try to tell me any of about 15 stallions (let alone fillies by them) will have more pinhooker appeal and keep a straight face.  We'll see next week..
Report potentialmillionaire September 17, 2017 7:34 PM BST
I know last year, the acceptance of a slot on the least popular day, Saturday, partly so because the big consignors want to be onto their mares by then, was a way of buying some credit. I don't suppose that's an option for you? I am perplexed by your first season colt issue for sure. Do you have to go to the 4th dam before you get to a winner, over hurdles at Bangor?

I'm thinking not!
Report yer ma September 21, 2017 12:14 PM BST
If (and it was still an if we got in) we were destined for a coffin spot so we've bailed.  I'd rather sell him privately next year than have to pay to take him home.  Might need room on the box to take fillies home! Lordy, do these agents / trainers not tell clients that there ARE races for fillies.
Report potentialmillionaire September 21, 2017 3:58 PM BST
Well done for making the decision yer ma, shame you were bounced into it, but I suppose it's the sort of sh1t that happens in every business and needs sorting.
I was hoping that the fillies at the yearling sales have seemed a little easier to shift this time round, have I made that up?

With fashion and beauty seeming ever more important and effectively pushing some of these colts to astronomical levels I was wondering if more people were having a pop at a filly to enable them to actually put something halfway nice in their stable when they get home. There really is a ton of scope to buy a racehorse now if you just steer clear of the herd who seem quite happy to pay 6 figures to win a 0-80 handicap.

Why a private sale for your colt next year? Could he not just be offered as a yearling?
Report yer ma September 21, 2017 7:43 PM BST
We're generally not keen (lack of success) on the mysteries of yearlings consigning and have a few owners we can offer to.  This lad could go either way and much might depend on his 2yo sister who raced, is promising but is injured.  If it all comes together then I suppose I'll have to be nice to a sales company rep who's seen hundreds, yours is nice but...

I'll be amazed if fillies aren't a very hard sell for us all in Nov but be delighted to be wrong.  My brief analysis so far is that the number of 40k yearling fillies by sires who covered at less than that is small.  Plenty selling at about 15-25k but that's not a pinhookers dream is it.

think positive, stupid
Report potentialmillionaire September 22, 2017 4:53 PM BST
Oh yer ma you are too analytical. Now that's fine, but for those of us that wander around with our heads in the sand I find your facts rather disturbing! Less facts more bullsh1t please, then we can all sleep at nightGrin

Ah, the mysteries of the yearling sale, we are as one there too!

At least if we are forced to a second or third tier sale there seems currently a chance of recouping something and getting a colt into the system which is good I suppose. We are unlikely to see a consistent market any time soon but if the smart colts can run the show then an outlet that exists, albeit unprofitable, for everything else may have to be acceptable right now.
Report truehoncho September 23, 2017 11:06 AM BST
Last year I had that letter that said we were only provisional with a first season sire colt. I didn't want to be in limbo so I withdrew and kept him as a yearling. When I see some of the foals that were in the catalogue I can only assume it was because we a very small fry. I understand they want to maintain a healthy demand/supply ratio but if they keep it up someone else will introduce a foal sale to mop up the lesser lights (if indeed that's what they are). As far as 15-25k yearlings are concerned, that's pretty much where I'm aiming so I hope you are right Yer Ma.
Report Posh Paddy December 1, 2017 12:25 PM GMT
Well done PM, glad to see last years thief return to the scene of the crime and properly reward you this time.
Report potentialmillionaire December 2, 2017 2:03 PM GMT
Thanks Posh. He's quite my favourite Irishman right now (Yourself excepted obvs.)

He said last year he hoped to buy an expensive one off me one day but I didn't know if I'd ever have one again!

Can't speak highly enough of the guy.

I am pleased you are back in the saddle too. And I like the sire, every year I never quite get around to using him but it might happen this time.

If yer ma pokes his head round the door at some point, well done to you. Proper money for the fairer sex!
Report yer ma December 8, 2017 7:14 PM GMT
Cheers PotM and delighted you made good again.  Unsuccessful attempt to buy for the future this week (gosh was it busy) but I'm taking the neighbour's jet to Deauville instead....or maybe I'll be breaking the ice off water troughs instead
Report potentialmillionaire December 8, 2017 10:25 PM GMT
I too spent a futile week at tatts yer ma.

It's a double problem because if the market reads strong (albeit not entirely accurately) then people are not inclined to sell nice fillies or mares and the pursuit of those that do turn up is necessarily fevered.

I never worry about leaving a sale empty handed as I consider that a better judgement call than the one that actually acquires something!
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