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Posted by: Anysport on Jul 14, 2018 at 07:21:05 PM
Stage 9. Roubaix. Several teams have specialist Riders who ride the Northern Classics. Although this is a shortened version of the Classic Paris - Roubaix, you will probably see the beefed-up equipment.28/32mm tyres width instead of the regular 23/25mm. In total there are 15 of the 27 segments of cobbles/Paves from the Classic Roubaix in use. Several of the specialist riders will be on Guard Duty for their Team Leaders. Expect Mosconi to lead out Froome & Thomas. My Selections. 1. Sagan. 2. Avermaet. RESULT.... 1.Degenkolb. 2. Avermaet. 3.Lampert. 4.Gilbert. 5.Sagan. What an amazing race from the start to the finish, if you missed it, watch the highlights or Catch-up. I couldn't take my eyes of this fantastic race. So much happened it would take a book to...
Posted by: Anysport on Jul 13, 2018 at 07:49:59 PM
Stage 8. Just a comment on stage 7 It was a very quiet day at the Tour de France, with the regular sprinters fighting out a brief sprint, following what was more like a 230km Sunday Club Ride. Quite a pointless Stage without wind or bad weather which would have certainly spiced up this drab affair. 1. Groenewegen. 2. Gaviria. 3. Sagan.. Dreux to Amiens is 181km and has a few Hills early on that may create some splits and in doing so dropping some of the sprinters. I expect Sagan and Colbrelli to make it through to the last 50km with the rest of the Peloton and that may be enough, the final 50km is flat and slightly downhill. Much depends on the early pace, a fast first half of this race could be destructive, but my feelings are with the Cobbles of Roubaix to come on Sunday,...

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