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Posted by: Alex69 on Jul 29, 2017 at 01:19:18 PM
[b]IN THE WORDS[/b] of my two eccentric uncles The Pet Shop Boys: “It’s a… it’s a… it’s a… sin.” No it’s not. It’s a bit of harmless fun. Gambling that is. We’re not all as rich as we’d like and we haven’t got a bottomless pit of cash. Spending money on gambling, however, is often seen as a massive sin. Next time someone harps on about what a ‘waste of money’ gambling is and how you’d be much better saving it or spending it ‘more wisely’, show them this. All prices are accurate-ish circa July 2017. [b]What can £100 buy you nowadays? [/b] 30 pints of beer - the equivalent of at least four hangovers and an increase in waist size, baggy eyes and a red nose 14 packets of cigarettes - not that good for you the last time my butler ‘Daft’ Frankie...
Posted by: Alex69 on Jun 20, 2011 at 08:01:37 PM
[b]HELLO[/b], good evening and welcome to my blog. While the current two football systems in operation stand at 5/7 and 2/2 respectively, I have a new one for all you tennis fans. Tennis is a sport which polarises opinion like no other. Who would win in a match between McEnroe and Sampras at their respective peaks? Who was the most consistent performer out of Navratilova and Graf? Who has the most effective serve between Federer and Nadal? Who has the best knockers out of Dokic and Wozniacki? If you fancy a punt on the tennis, but don’t know who to choose, the secret is simple. Back the minger. Take a look at the two players, check them out closely and whoever you deem to be the ugliest out of the pair, simply back that one. If the better looking of the two wins, you win as you get...

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