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Posted by: Alex69 on Feb 21, 2011 at 10:15:34 AM
[b]HELLO[/b], good morning and welcome to my blog. Isn’t it great how many famous people seem to support Red Nose Day? Alex Ferguson, Ricky Tomlinson, Ronald McDonald... What a weekend I’ve just had. After having to undergo emergency eye surgery in the immediate aftermath of Katie Price performing I Want To Break Free on my 3D television (think ‘dead heat in a Zeppelin race’), I was forced to spend most of yesterday avoiding bright light. Luckily I can comfortably afford the best in private health care, so I didn’t have to join the waiting list for eye treatment behind the referees, the umpires and the lab rats. I knew my Uncle Remus’s organic cucumber farm in Essex would come in useful one day. On my return home, I gave him a call and, blagging him that I’d invited...
Posted by: Alex69 on Feb 18, 2011 at 09:44:24 AM
[b]HELLO[/b], good morning and welcome to my blog. I hope you are all keeping well and feeling wealthy. As regular readers know, I’m an extremely lucky person and the rather splendid returns from my first pair of tips ([b]see ‘The steady drip fills the champagne bucket’ posted 16 Feb 11 14:30[/b]) have encouraged me to continue helping you all in your quest to lead a lifestyle as glorious and exhilarating as my own. To celebrate my recent wins I began by stripping down to my fluorescent orange Speedos. I then attached a rope to myself, jumped in my heated swimming pool, tied the rope all the way across and simply bobbed gently up and down most of the morning. You could say I was buoyed by my success. When I’d grown tired of the pool, I changed into my paisley smoking jacket...
Posted by: Alex69 on Feb 16, 2011 at 02:30:24 PM
[b]HELLO[/b], good afternoon and welcome to my blog. I’m an extremely lucky person. I nearly choked to death when I was born. The large diamond-encrusted platinum spoon in my mouth caused the gagging reflex to kick in and if it wasn’t for the quick actions of my nanny Henrietta (who later died in a bizarre golfing accident God rest her soul) I wouldn’t be here imparting my knowledge and wisdom to you all. Let me tell you a little about myself while the butler pours me another hot glass of mulled champagne. As my mother and father’s very first gift to me was a Fisher Price Currency Forging Set you could say that I was born to make money. I’ve never had to do a day’s work in my life, as my wit, wisdom and charisma have always proved more than enough to keep me in a modest,...

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