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Posted by: Alex69 on Jul 29, 2017 at 01:19:18 PM
[b]IN THE WORDS[/b] of my two eccentric uncles The Pet Shop Boys: “It’s a… it’s a… it’s a… sin.” No it’s not. It’s a bit of harmless fun. Gambling that is. We’re not all as rich as we’d like and we haven’t got a bottomless pit of cash. Spending money on gambling, however, is often seen as a massive sin. Next time someone harps on about what a ‘waste of money’ gambling is and how you’d be much better saving it or spending it ‘more wisely’, show them this. All prices are accurate-ish circa July 2017. [b]What can £100 buy you nowadays? [/b] 30 pints of beer - the equivalent of at least four hangovers and an increase in waist size, baggy eyes and a red nose 14 packets of cigarettes - not that good for you the last time my butler ‘Daft’ Frankie...
Posted by: Alex69 on Feb 26, 2011 at 11:28:42 AM
[b]HELLO[/b], good morning and welcome to my blog. I feel a little strange this morning having lost on my over 2.5 goals tip in the Notts County v Charlton match last night. With the score at 1-0 to Notts County and the second half only a few minutes old, the normally reliable Bradley Wright-Phillips missed a penalty for Charlton which became a microcosm of his side's finishing throughout the game as it seemed to drain the Addicks’ whole team of confidence. They had another good penalty shout turned down later, while the rest of Notts County’s attacks were thwarted, one way or another, by the Charlton defence. It was the first time Charlton failed to score in an away league match since September. Ce la vie, followers, we live and learn. Onto today’s action and I’ll focus ...
Posted by: Alex69 on Feb 18, 2011 at 09:44:24 AM
[b]HELLO[/b], good morning and welcome to my blog. I hope you are all keeping well and feeling wealthy. As regular readers know, I’m an extremely lucky person and the rather splendid returns from my first pair of tips ([b]see ‘The steady drip fills the champagne bucket’ posted 16 Feb 11 14:30[/b]) have encouraged me to continue helping you all in your quest to lead a lifestyle as glorious and exhilarating as my own. To celebrate my recent wins I began by stripping down to my fluorescent orange Speedos. I then attached a rope to myself, jumped in my heated swimming pool, tied the rope all the way across and simply bobbed gently up and down most of the morning. You could say I was buoyed by my success. When I’d grown tired of the pool, I changed into my paisley smoking jacket...
Posted by: Alex69 on Feb 16, 2011 at 02:30:24 PM
[b]HELLO[/b], good afternoon and welcome to my blog. I’m an extremely lucky person. I nearly choked to death when I was born. The large diamond-encrusted platinum spoon in my mouth caused the gagging reflex to kick in and if it wasn’t for the quick actions of my nanny Henrietta (who later died in a bizarre golfing accident God rest her soul) I wouldn’t be here imparting my knowledge and wisdom to you all. Let me tell you a little about myself while the butler pours me another hot glass of mulled champagne. As my mother and father’s very first gift to me was a Fisher Price Currency Forging Set you could say that I was born to make money. I’ve never had to do a day’s work in my life, as my wit, wisdom and charisma have always proved more than enough to keep me in a modest,...

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