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  • The system is expanding and can be looked at various ways. Going through Chelmsford card last night. comparing the RPR & Top speed ... more
  • Top Scores: Highest scores * KEMPA top Horse days Age 2.10:nb City Of Angkor Wat 4 p 5 2.10:y Habeshia ... more
  • LINGA Tops Days Age 1.45:y Ze King 15 6 (of interest) 2.15:co Hi Note 72J 7 (five of field had a break) 2.15:co ... more
  • Top Scores - GLEIGH top Horse days Age y Exentricity 11 3 y Logorrheic 66 3 y Tsarglas 14 tv 4 co Dynamo Walt 10 v ... more
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